Average income peaked at €887, the highest record since 2011

Salaries hadn’t increased this much since 2011. The Portuguese average income increased to €887 by the end of June this year, which accounted for the highest salary increase since the first trimester of 2011.

The net average income in Portugal increased to €887 during the second trimester of 2018. This significant wage growth was accompanied by a fall in the unemployment rate, that has reached 6,7% during the second trimester of the current year. This is the lowest rate registered since 2004.

Many other indicators have followed up n the improvement trend that has been registered recently. The number of people unemployed went down by 23,7% when compared to the same period last year. Youth unemployment has fallen as well to its lowest record since 2009, while the share of “undervalued” population was down by 13% and the number of people employed increased by 2,4%.