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Over the years Beon has been gathering skills that have allowed it to become a benchmark company. We are present at every stage of a company’s life.

We support young entrepreneurs, not only helping to set up the company and support / incentive research, but also through our training program for young entrepreneurs.

We are present in the day to day business, with our service of Accounting and Management Consulting, as well as with the realization of Aplications for Community Incentives.

We support strategic changes, cooperating in the expansion and/or search of new markets, in the preparation and execution of mergers, restructurings and reorganizations of companies.

We also evaluate companies and promote the sale of them, as well as follow the buyer side, creating conditions for the success of the purchase.

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The financial crises cause economic and financial difficulties to the companies, causing numerous bankruptcies.
Beon has more than a decade of experience in recovering from companies in difficult situations. Trust our experience.

Recovery / Restructuring of companies:
– For companies that show symptoms of financial imbalance and liquidity and / or solvency problems, although not insolvent, based on a Strategic Diagnosis and Evaluation of their Recovery Potential;
– For companies in extreme situations of imminent insolvency, based on an evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of recourse to the judicial process, in a Strategic Diagnosis and Evaluation of their Recovery Potential;
– For companies in situations of Insolvency found, whether declared or not, Formal Cases of Judicial Insolvency, when justified, with or without liquidation and strategic exit of the market;

It includes a regular monitoring of the company’s activity or continuous advice, so that the company keeps informed about the treatment of the operations it performs, its options and strategies in order to maximize the tax advantages.

The Tax Advisory involves the monitoring of companies through the provision of the following services:
– Supervision of current accounting and tax operations;
– Studies of fiscal impact arising from investment policies of companies;
– Optimization of profitability through the selection of the best tax options;
– Timely information on major changes in tax and parafiscal legislation;
– Providing clarifications when requested by the company.

Beon is made up of a multidisciplinary and experienced team.

Thanks to the strengths of our team, we have already helped to grow dozens of companies. We have already launched new ideas in the market. And we have already made several companies resume the course of success, through profound changes in the company’s management.

Beon carries out the follow-up of companies, in terms of Management, seeking to maximize value for partners / shareholders.

Our proven methodology is based on:
– Analysis of company strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities (SWOT analysis)
– Strategic Positioning Assessment
– Identification of Strategic Alternatives and Development
– Definition of Action Plans

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Free follow-up on the Companies Constitution

The constitution of a company has implicit a set of legal procedures. However, if the complexity of this act can be easily removed, there are a number of factors that predate the formation of the company that must be considered and that are decisive for the success of a company.

It is essential, among other things, to define the strategy, mission and objectives to be achieved. Make decisions like choosing the legal form that best suits the situation, or the ideal Social Capital.

Beon fully follows the act of creating a company, in a completely free way, creating a more sustainable basis for its success.

Business Formation Service:
– Company formation
– Application for certificate of admissibility of the company
– Elaboration of the Articles of Incorporation and marking of public deed of incorporation
– Changes to the Articles of Incorporation
– Registration at the Commercial Registry, Social Security and Finance Registry

The current economic climate is extremely complex.

The preparation of Economic Feasibility Studies is an increasingly essential factor for preparing the future of a company, and for assessing the viability of a particular investment project.

An Economic Feasibility Study allows:
– Reduce the risk of decision making
– Decide, on the basis of a credible financial document, whether the intended investment is viable
– Identify the term of return on investment
– Analyze the most appropriate financial coverage of the project

If you wish to carry out an Economic Feasibility Study consult us, absolutely free of charge, by sending us an e-mail or by filling out our contact form with a brief description of your project.

Elaboration of Business Plan
The Business Plan is a document that identifies, describes and analyzes a business opportunity, examines the technical, economic and financial feasibility of it, and analyzes all the procedures and strategies necessary to convert the business opportunity into a concrete business project.

It is an indispensable tool when you want to start a business project, regardless of the entrepreneur’s professional experience, or entrepreneurs, and the size of the project.

Even for established companies, a well-defined Business Plan will be the base on which projects of growth or diversification of the main activity are raised.

What is a Business Plan for?
The preparation of a Business Plan has two concrete objectives:
– por um lado, permite ao empreendedor levar a cabo um exaustivo estudo de todas as variáveis que possam afetar a oportunidade, fornecendo-lhe a informação necessária para determinar com bastante certeza a viabilidade do projeto. Uma vez o projeto em curso, o Plano de Negócio servirá como ferramenta interna para avaliar a evolução da empresa e os seus desvios sobre o cenário previsto;
– por outro lado, o Plano de Negócio permite apresentar o projeto aos agentes financiadores, tendo como objetivo captar o seu apoio: bancos, investidores institucionais e privados, sociedades de capital de risco, organismos públicos, etc.

If you wish to prepare a Business Plan, please contact us.

Want to Evaluate a Company?

The value of companies is assuming a growing importance in the management of organizations, since the creation and maintenance of this same value is a key factor for success in terms of new partners, negotiation with investors / financiers and such as the completion of mergers and acquisitions.

Based on this reality, Beon developed a methodology for evaluating companies, parts of companies or investment projects that allows its clients to carry out transactions of purchase and sale of companies, with the guarantee of the best decision making, as well as the best throughout the negotiation process.

The maximum objective of the evaluation of a business or company is the preparation of a technical dossier necessary to attract interest and potential investors and financiers of a company.

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Business Valuation Methods

1) Equity Optics – It is based on the valuation of the assets of the company, adjusted to the current market value. These assets will then be deducted from the liabilities, obtaining the value of equity. This method is mainly used in companies with high assets, particularly when there are companies in the retail or industrial sector.

This process considers the following data, whose sum determines the market value:
• FMV/FA (Fair market value of fixed assets and equipment) – This is the price paid in the free market to buy similar assets or equipment;
• LI (Leasehold improvements) – Leasehold improvements;
• OB (Owner benefit) – Salary earned by the management of the company by the owner;
• I (Inventory) – Value of inventory, including raw materials, products in process of manufacture and goods or finished products.

2) Income Optics – Discounted Cash-Flows: It requires a preliminary work in the development of a projection for the coming years based on a certain strategy, conditioned by the envisaged environment. The ultimate goal will be to obtain a value range based on the DCF (Discounted Cash-Flows) method. A method often used to evaluate businesses whose value comes from their ability to generate cash flow and profit.

3) Market Optics – Market Multiples Method: The value is determined by the market or by reference to the value of similar comparable companies, through market average multiples applied to a certain cash flow. This method determines the value of a business by using an “industry average” sales value as a multiplier. The industry average is based on comparable businesses sold recently. As a result, an industry-specific formula is generated, usually based on a multiple of gross sales.

Franchising is an extremely effective way to grow brand awareness and grow a business.
Beon offers you a complete set of services that allow you to develop and adapt your business to the franchising system.

Main Advantages for the Franchisor:
– Easier to embrace a wider market with substantial investment reductions;
– You will have at your disposal an exclusive and efficient distribution channel;
– It will achieve more efficiency and greater profitability in each new franchise unit, since its manager, the franchisee, distributes its risks and profits, always acting as a partner also interested in the success of this business.

Main Advantages for the Franchisee:
– A network offers advantages of scale, namely in terms of image and marketing;
– Is owner of your company and self-employed, benefiting from close monitoring;
– Enables faster and less expensive startup;
– The percentage of entrepreneurs that make capital invested is higher;

Our Services:

Support for New Franchisers

  • Feasibility analysis
  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing plan
  • Geographical distribution plan
  • Preparation of Franchising manuals
  • Development of support materials
  • Information systems and new technologies
  • Continuing Consulting

Network Expansion

  • Expansion Plan
  • Importing and exporting concepts
  • Communication and promotion
  • Capturing and selecting franchisees
  • Outsourcing of the franchising expansion department

Marketing, Comunicação e Promoção

  • Relationship with the media
  • Franchise specialist press office
  • Promotion solutions
  • Design

Network management

  • Consulting
  • Organizational management
  • Financial management
  • Network Audits
  • Review of franchising manuals
  • Information systems and new technologies
  • Internal communication
  • Continuing Consulting

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