Indian ambassador wants closer ties between Indian and Portuguese people

Between both governments everything is fantastic,” the Indian diplomat told Lusa noting the “excellent relationship and cooperation,” between Portugal and India and the “good relationship between prime ministers.”

She noted, however, that “it is also important to create a connection between our peoples, that is why we are celebrating this ‘Festival of India’ where everyone can come to see and feel what India is.”

The ‘Festival of India’ will be held in the Belém area of Lisbon on Wednesday and is intended to showcase the cultural diversity of the country, including cuisine, music, dance and yoga.

Singla said the agreements reached during a visit by Portuguese prime minister, António Costa, to India, and his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi, to Lisbon last year, resulted in economic cooperation that also involves African nations.

In the area of the economy, the two sides are increasing trade and negotiation, not just between India and Portugal, but also in the way Indian and Portuguese companies can work together in Africa, the ambassador said.

Last week, according to Singla, an exchange programme between Indian and Portuguese start-ups was launched, allowing them to work for three months in partner countries.

From: Econews